Hello world!

	import flash.display.Sprite
	public class HelloWorld extends Sprite
		public function HelloWorld()
			var tf:TextField = new TextField();
			tf.text = "Hello World, I'm here now!";

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  1. wayclearete:

    Hello my friends :)

  2. alex wolf:

    1st, i want to thank you for the ruler its the best. im sorry im not able to donate now but when i get back into school i will definitely remember you. it has made reworking customers web pages so much easier.
    i do have a couple of questions.
    1. is there a way to retract the ruler. i extended it across my screens and now its stuck at 1870.
    OK i disregard i got carried away with the red piece and slid it off the end and it disappeared. so i restarted the ruler and its all back.
    the other questions are.
    is there a way to use it diagonally?
    And is there a way to adjust the pivot point maybe, so it would pivot on a corner without having to move it.

    alt email. littlewolfed@yahoo.com
    please dont take this as being demanding. i love this thing. or if there is a way that i could help i would love to. you could sell these very easily just to students alone would keep a small cash flow.
    it may be just a ruler but it took almost half the time to setup a css page just by not having to go back and forth to photoshop measuring slices, alligning items. i actually like it better than there guides because its quicker. any way. its a nmillion doller ruler, thank you very much.

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